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Petrol Cambio combines your tripod and camera bag for traveling shooters

If you’re a video shooter who flies a lot or just likes to travel light, one of the most difficult pieces of gear to cram

December 08, 2011 Blog, Gear

Turn your monopod into a dolly/slider/jib with the Modogrip

Looking for a super portable rig that gives you a variety of shooting options? Well look no further than the Modogrip. Its unique design combines

November 17, 2011 Blog, Gear

GUERRICAM, Low-Cost Camera Stabilizer for Guerrilla Filmmakers

How would you like a small, portable camera stabilizer for small cameras for $50? Sounds good. How about $25? Even better! Nadim Elgarhy emailed me

October 19, 2011 Blog, Gear

Shane Hurlbut, ASC continues to turn DSLR cameras into Hollywood filmmaking machines [UPDATE]

This past weekend, Shane Hurlbut hosted a huge event to introduced his own line of high end DSLR video gear. The Master Cinema Series features

October 17, 2011 Blog, Gear

Finally, a DSLR HDMI clamp for the rest of us

Most of us have our camera rigs to hold everything nice and tightly in place. The only thing that isn’t held safely in those rigs

October 03, 2011 Blog, Gear

CineSkates, an infinitely positionable camera slider

CineSkates are a twist on the traditional camera slider design. Instead of being mounted to some sort of platform, the wheels are mounted to the

September 02, 2011 Blog, Gear

New filter fixes moire and aliasing problems on Canon 5D MkII HDSLR

Of all the problems that plague HDSLR shooters, aliasing and moire are perhaps the most annoying and difficult to overcome. It seems that one man

August 30, 2011 Blog, Gear

SmallHD’s DP4-EVF now available

SmallHD decided to approach EVFs a little differently than everyone else. While most EVF developers were making 3″ screens, SmallHD made a 4.3″ screen design

July 13, 2011 Blog, Gear

iPhone SLR mount, use your Canon or Nikon lenses with your iPhone 4

If you’ve been dreaming of the day a DOF 35mm adapter would be available for your iPhone, then it’s time to wake up because for

July 07, 2011 Blog, Gear

ManhattanLCD HD5 5.6″ field monitor now $650

I’ve been using the HD5 monitor for several months and love it. It has all the pro features you’d expect like focus assist, false color,

July 03, 2011 Blog, Gear