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Shane Hurlbut’s HDSLR Protocol

Shane Hurlbut has made a great little video about the protocol he uses for HDSLR shoots. Everything from basic settings, what to go over, how

October 11, 2010 Blog, Gear

Hocus Products Announces the New HoFoPro

Hocus Products introduced their Hocus Focus wireless follow focus system combining professional quality with an affordable price tag.  The original Hocus Focus was designed for

October 01, 2010 Blog, Gear

Zacuto Announces New HDSLR EVF

Only a few days after Redrock announced their new microEVF, Zacuto adds their own version to the table.  Priced just under $800, the Z-Finder EVF

September 28, 2010 Blog, Gear

Redrock Announces New HDSLR EVF

After announcing their microRemote system at NAB and shocking everyone with it’s functionality and price point, they are at it again with the announcement of

September 27, 2010 Blog, Gear

DPs & Gaffers REJOICE! Kino Flo Now Making Practical Bulbs For $14

One of the most difficult things to do is make a practical light film friendly.  Either it blows out from being too bright, or the

September 23, 2010 Blog, Gear

Ianiro’s IANILED54 Lighting System

Versatility and portability don’t always come together, especially when it comes to film lighting. However, Ianiro introduces a new style of LED lighting with their

September 03, 2010 Blog, Gear

EVF DSLR Rig by Matthew Bennett

I’ve seen a lot of DSLR rigs, but this one jumps to the top of the list. Matthew Bennett has created a compact rig by

September 02, 2010 Blog, Gear

GoPRO Hero Attached to RC Helicopter

I just received my GoPRO Hero a few days ago and will be kicking out a review in the near future. While surfing on Vimeo,

August 31, 2010 Blog, Gear

Redrock Launches “Ops” Series – Camo For Your Rig

After launching their “Nano” line last week, it looks like Redrock wants to get even more inconspicuous. Redrock announced their new “Ops” series, HDSLR accessories

August 30, 2010 Blog, Gear

Vincent Laforet Updates His Gear List

Vincent Laforet is one of the pioneers of the HDSLR revolution. Known for being the first person to shoot video on a Canon 5D MkII,

August 30, 2010 Blog, Gear
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