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Shoot up to 1,000,000 fps with the Phantom v1610

Vision Research is known for their high speed Phantom cameras and the new v1610 takes it to a whole new level. In its normal mode,

September 03, 2011 Blog, Cameras

China’s RED/Alexa knockoff? KineRAW S35 Digital Cinema Camera for $8,000

If there is one thing China is known for, making cheaper variations of popular products. While we’re used to seeing it with all sorts of

September 01, 2011 Blog, Cameras

Compare the Depth of Field of the Canon 5D MkII, Sony FS100 and Panasonic AF100

Those of us who love the delicious bokeh that large sensor cameras produce will be happy to see this comparison of the three popular options.

August 15, 2011 Blog, Cameras

Why film is still king and digital has a long way to go to catch up

During this year’s Cine Gear Expo, Rob Hummel gave a fascinating talk entitled “Primer on Film and Digital Capture” at the Kodak Panel. His talk

August 10, 2011 Blog, Cameras

Canon 5D MkIII not coming till 2012?

If Canon was to follow the same product cycle for the 5D that they had between the MkI and MkII, the MkIII should be coming

July 26, 2011 Blog, Cameras

1st wedding shot with the RED Epic

DSLR shooters move over, there’s a new standard for epic wedding films. Tonica Tran filmed this beautiful wedding video using two RED Epic cameras shooting

July 09, 2011 Blog, Cameras

AMP: HDR video with 17 stops of dynamic range

Move over RED, there’s a new kid on the HDR block. AMP camera technology uses beamsplitters to split the light onto three separate sensors which

June 24, 2011 Blog, Cameras

Canon 5D MkII Firmware Update 2.0.9

Another firmware update from Canon fixes a few problems but doesn’t change any major features of the camera. For those using UDMA 7 CF cards,

May 31, 2011 Blog, Cameras

Philip Bloom compares the AF100 vs F3 vs FS100

The question on many filmmakers’ minds is which large sensor camera to purchase. Philip Bloom had the chance to play around with a pre-production FS100

May 10, 2011 Blog, Cameras

What camera has the most resolution, highest latitude, best sensitivity?

These are questions any perspective shooter or buyer is asking before they choose a camera. Fortunately they have been answered with help of Robert Primes,

May 03, 2011 Blog, Cameras