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Monitor Audio from an external mic on your DSLR

DSLRs aren’t designed for pro video and one of the important features you give up is the ability to monitor audio. That is, until Christian

February 19, 2011 Audio, Blog

Comparing the Rode Videomic, Videomic Pro and Lavalier

Rode announced their new Videomic Pro, an upgrade to the popular Videomic, a few weeks ago.  Carl Pendle sat down and shot a comparison video

January 31, 2011 Audio, Blog

New Rode Videomic Pro announced

The Rode Videomic is one of the post popular microphones for small consumer cameras and video DSLRs that have only a 1/8″ jack.  It provides

January 14, 2011 Audio, Blog

Cable to help disable AGC on Canon 7D and T2i

AGC (auto gain control) is a feature built into some HDSLRs like the Canon 7D and T2i.  This function causes your audio levels to raise

December 06, 2010 Audio, Blog

Zoom H4n Firmware Update – Adds Independent Level Controls

The Zoom H4n is a very popular mobile recorder for video productions.  It’s an essential tool for HDSLR shoots allowing you to record up to

November 19, 2010 Audio, Blog

Hosa Technology Introduces Que Audio Mini Shotgun Mic

Shooting ENG (Electronic News Gathering) style on your HDSLR is great.  You can be small, discreet, and quick.  But capturing audio can still be bulky and

September 29, 2010 Audio, Blog
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