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Help us gear our training videos towards your needs – Polls [UPDATE]

Our YouTube training videos are created to help anyone from hobbyists to professionals. We currently have 3 main series, NextWaveTV, Cine Tips, and newly launched

November 18, 2010 Articles

In a World of HD Cameras, What is Your Application?

In my last article, I talked about the potential advantages of HDSLR shooting over cameras like the AF100.  But at the end of the day,

November 04, 2010 Articles

Is this the end of the HDSLR Revolution?

HDSLR Killer…Death of HDSLRs… These phrases have been used in many articles talking about the upcoming Panasonic AF100. A lot of people are quick to

October 25, 2010 Articles

There is Such a Thing as “Too Shallow”

The film look. Indie filmmakers, commercial producers, music video creators, and hobbyists alike have longed to have the “film look” for their productions.  It started

October 19, 2010 Articles

Using Subdomains to Help Your Portfolio

I’m going to take a break from our usual video training to give you a quick web tip. We all know that portfolios are important,

July 12, 2010 Articles, Tutorials

Bokeh: HDSLR vs DOF Adapter

I like bokeh! Maybe I should get that on a shirt.  Regardless, it’s very much the truth.  Bokeh is a wonderful thing.  It allows for

April 29, 2010 Articles

Why a DSLR Won’t Make You a Good Filmmaker

Several years ago I was going to college for graphic design when I was introduced to this great program that you could make cool videos

March 27, 2010 Articles

Canon 5D MkII PC Workflow – Adobe Premiere CS4 [UPDATE]

I’m going to take a little time to go over two things: my editor and my workflow for 5D footage. Editor: My first setup was

January 13, 2010 Articles, Tutorials

Review: Learn Canon 5D Mark II Cinematography with Philip Bloom

I’m in the process of upgrading from my Nikon D90 to the Canon 5D Mark II. I love the look of the 5D MkII for

October 18, 2009 Articles, Reviews

DIY Photography Light Tent

So I just got our wedding bands in from our friends at Diamonds and Gold of Green Bay. …for those that don’t know, I’m getting

July 02, 2009 Articles, Tutorials
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