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The Bell Curve of Creative Content Commenting

Do you remember reading about Bell Curves and normal distribution in school? It’s a great way to illustrate the average versus the extremes. While I

December 12, 2011 Articles, Blog

Analyze the Frame: Iron Man 2

This is the first in a new series of articles I’m entitling “Analyze the Frame”. In this post series I want to take a simple

December 01, 2011 Analyze the Frame, Articles, Blog

Camera Gear: DIY vs. Buy

The decision that every filmmaker has wrestled with: Should I buy gear or try building it myself. Whether it’s a camera rig, dolly, jib…the choice

November 15, 2011 Articles, Blog

Film Scene, an upcoming training series for filmmakers

DVTV has been a great show about the world of digital video. We have done reviews, training and interviews and have a ton more planned

November 07, 2011 Articles, Blog, News

How do RED and Canon’s new cameras affect the average shooter?

Two major camera announcements from two major camera manufacturers were made today, but what does that mean to me, the average shooter? Quite a bit

November 04, 2011 Articles, Blog

Why Some Videos Succeed and Some Fail

Have you ever walked away from a theater and thought, “Man that movie sucked! How could they spend that much time and money and not

October 25, 2011 Articles

Lens Buying Guide: The best lens kit for video on your Canon HDSLR

So you finally did it! You picked up your first Canon video DSLR and you probably are eager to purchase a few lenses for it.

August 16, 2011 Articles

Litepanels is trying to block the import and sale of LED photo and video lighting in the US [UPDATE 7]

I have always had a huge respect for the lighting gear that Litepanels has been producing over the years, but at the beginning of the

August 12, 2011 Articles, Blog, News

Review of EOSHD’s Anamorphic Shooters Guide

Let’s just admit right now that anamorphics are cool. From the bokeh to the lens flares, they create a unique effect that is nearly impossible

May 05, 2011 Articles, Reviews

Which large sensor video camera should you choose? AF100 vs. FS100 vs. HDSLR

Sony has announced their competitor to Panasonic’s AF100 which has brought the video industry to a new point.  We now have a selection of large

March 25, 2011 Articles