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Cine Gear 2011: Technicolor discusses future of CineStyle

We talk to one of the creators of the the CineStyle preset for Canon HDSLRs and find out what the future holds for Technicolor and

June 22, 2011 Cine Gear 2011

Cine Gear 2011: View Factor – HDSLR rigs and USB follow focus

Curt from View Factor shows us their unique camera rigs and follow focus solutions for cameras including HDSLRs. Our sponsors who made our Cine Gear

June 17, 2011 Cine Gear 2011

Cine Gear 2011: Shane Hurlbut on DSLR Cinema

We interview Shane Hurlbut, ASC from Hurlbut Visuals as he shares the new rental division of his company. Shane also tells us how DSLRs have

June 09, 2011 Cine Gear 2011

Canon T3i Video DSLR Review

I didn’t think much of the T3i until I held one in my hand. I still think the 60D is the best choice for a

June 01, 2011 DSLR Video Shooter

HDSLR 101 #12: Sound and Audio Post Production

In episode 12 of HDSLR 101 we show you several workflow options for working with audio and your DSLR footage. These include using a clap

May 29, 2011 HDSLR 101, Videos

The many uses of gaffer’s tape

After getting tons of emails and comments about the green tape seen on my gear, I have decided its time I share my uses of

May 24, 2011 DSLR Video Shooter

Review of EOSHD’s Anamorphic Shooters Guide

Let’s just admit right now that anamorphics are cool. From the bokeh to the lens flares, they create a unique effect that is nearly impossible

May 05, 2011 Articles, Reviews

What camera has the most resolution, highest latitude, best sensitivity?

These are questions any perspective shooter or buyer is asking before they choose a camera. Fortunately they have been answered with help of Robert Primes,

May 03, 2011 Blog, Cameras

HDSLR 101 #11: Editing, Transcoding & Color Correcting your DSLR footage

In episode 11 of HDSLR 101 we show you how to work with your DSLR footage for editing, transcoding and color correcting/grading. Remember, if you

April 27, 2011 HDSLR 101, Videos

NAB 2011: edelkrone transforming camera shoulder rigs

Edelkrone, formerly Handy Film Tools, shows off their unique new camera rigs that are able to transform from one to two shoulder supports along with

April 17, 2011 NAB 2011