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Film Scene: Shooting and Lighting Direct to Camera Interviews

In this episode of Film Scene, we take you through some interview setups using the ikan IDMX1500B and IFB1024 LED lights along with the Kessler

January 28, 2014 Film Scene, Videos
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Film Scene: Shooting an Oil Tanker Explosion

In this episode of Film Scene we show you how we shot an exploding collision between a dump truck and an oil tanker for our

October 30, 2013 Film Scene, Videos
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Film Scene: Shooting in a Blizzard and in a Black Hawk Helicopter

In this episode we take you behind the scenes of our recent production for the United States Department of Homeland Security and Public Safety Canada.

September 03, 2013 Film Scene, Videos
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Film Scene: Creating a Sports Press Conference and Camera Strobe/Flash Effect

In this episode we show you how we created a sports press conference for a TV ad. We also show you a technique for faking

August 09, 2013 Film Scene, Videos
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Film Scene: Controlling Light Spill With Visqueen

In this video we show you a couple techniques for using cheap visqueen to control light from spilling all over your set

July 29, 2013 Film Scene, Videos
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Film Scene: Adding Motion to Interviews

In this video we show you how we add dynamic motion to a few video interviews to add life to the shot

July 26, 2013 Film Scene, Videos
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Film Scene: Shooting a Video Interview Against a Window

In this episode of Film Scene, we show you how to shoot against a large window and get proper exposure

July 26, 2013 Film Scene, Videos
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Film Scene: Enhancing Interview Lighting with Household Light Bulbs

In this episode of Film Scene, we show how we use some house-hold light bulbs to add some cool elements to an interview

July 17, 2013 Film Scene, Videos
Multicam Rock Concert Shoot 2

Film Scene: Shooting a multicam DSLR rock concert music video production

A year ago we were asked to shoot a multicam, high-energy rock concert for the band Separate Ways. Working within a no-budget scenario, I used

February 25, 2013 Film Scene, Videos
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Film Scene: Lighting a Set for Maximum Coverage

In this episode of Film Scene, we show you how we lit an action movie fight scene with just a few lights to give us

December 05, 2012 Film Scene, Videos
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