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SliderPLUS Pro 0

SliderPLUS goes PRO and adds support for heavier cameras

Edelkrone’s SliderPLUS design has been one of the most unique among portable sliders. Unfortunately, up till now it’s only supported smaller cameras. The SliderPLUS Pro

March 14, 2014 Gear
kOS Theory 2 0

kOS Theory: Episode 2 – Advanced Moves

In the second episode of kOS Theory, we showcase using the Kessler CineDrive system for doing an advanced jib, dolly and pan/tilt move. Watch the

February 24, 2014 Blog, Gear
Edelkrone Motion Control 0

Edelkrone brings motion control to a new level of speed and ease

There are a lot of high end motion control systems out there that allow for a high level of control but can be bulky and

January 13, 2014 Blog, Gear
SmartVCS 1

SmartVCS: Avatar Quality Previz Software Using the iPad and PS3

Girish Balakrishnan is working on a system to allow what he calls “virtual cinematography” utilizing an iPad, PS3 and PlayStation Move controllers. The system would

September 13, 2013 Blog, Gear
Video Shoot Cyc Wall 0

Lanternlock & Matthew’s Mini Max make the perfect video light

I’m always looking for ways to speed up my workflow on set. We operate with small crews and have to be setup and torn down

May 31, 2013 Articles, Blog, Gear
MoVI 3

MōVI wants to forever change the way you do camera motion

There aren’t too many announcements that really get me excited anymore, but this is definitely one of them. Announced only a few hours ago by

April 05, 2013 Blog, Gear
Odyssey 2

4K on your Sony FS700 for $1295?

We’ve mentioned that Sony’s path to 4K on the FS700 won’t be cheap and the only other 4K recorder currently on the market is $4000.

April 03, 2013 Blog, Gear
20121223-101539.jpg 0

5 hour AbelCine Expo: Innovations in Lighting available for streaming

As a director of photography I’m always excited to see what the future of video lighting will be. AbelCine put on a great expo showcasing

December 23, 2012 Blog, Gear
Aviator Jib 0

Aviator Travel Jib may be the most portable camera crane around

With HD cameras continuing to get smaller and smaller, support gear continues to follow suit. The team behind the Aviator managed to create an incredibly

June 28, 2012 Blog, Gear
Kick 0

Kick is the pocket sized video light of the future

Most affordable video lights to this point have been pretty traditional. Switch on, switch off, dim up or down and if you’re lucky some may

June 28, 2012 Blog, Gear
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